Research: Gen Z Wants Less Sex in TV and Film

Cinemaa October 26, 2023

Some unexpected findings emerge from a recent UCLA study that analyzes what Gen Z wants to see—and not see—in Hollywood.

We’re Gen Z; please, no sex.

American viewers between the ages of 10 and 24 prefer to see less sex on television, according to a recent UCLA research.

Indeed, among the 1,500 respondents, a small majority (51%) expressed a desire to see more material about friendships and platonic relationships. While 47.5 percent felt that romance is “overused,” and 44 percent thought that sex “isn’t needed” for most TV series and movies. Furthermore, 44% of respondents concur with the notion that they “would rather clean the toilet” rather than embark on an internet date.

One finding that may come as a surprise to many people is that a majority of those surveyed (56 percent) said they would rather watch original stories than franchises, adaptations, or remakes. This suggests that they share at least one preference with older viewers.

Other discoveries:

– People detested racial stereotypes in television entertainment. In actuality, it was also unpopular for a person of color to just play a villain or a character with flaws.

— Gen Z views social media as “authentic media,” with TikTok being the most genuine platform (despite the fact that, according to a report, its search function yields considerably more false information than, say, Google).

“Hopeful, uplifting content with people beating the odds” and “people with lives like my own” were two of their favorite themes in stories.

In actuality, there has been a long-term reduction in sexual activity rates, with Gen Z experiencing the greatest decline. According to Psychology Today, people are having fewer partners and having sex less frequently; this is particularly true for young men.

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